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Deadpool hack

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Deadpool hack Empty Deadpool hack

Post by Danger X Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:41 am

I wanna share with you guys one of the best hacks ever.
A hack game of the old and good Ninja Gaiden turned into a Deadpool game.
It haves:
-new levels (structure & graphics)
-new enemies (new graphics and mechanics) some imported from ninja gaiden 2 & 3
-new abilities (regeneration and teleport)
-new stage 7 (original NGg1 had only 6 stages) with the best final boss
-new music
-new health bar (with Kills count and stage names)
-new cut-scenes (new graphics and story mode)
-many costumes for the hero (not only 1)
Deadpool hack 289ej2p Deadpool hack 1z2kaqv
This is the project page Check it if you wanna learn more or check our daily updates.
Danger X
Danger X

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